The Impact of Exercise on Your Income

The Impact of Exercise on Your Income

It’s no secret that exercise and good health go hand in hand, but did you know that exercise can also increase your income potential? Lorne Marr, noted marketing consultant, works as hard on his health as he does on his client’s marketing portfolios – and as positive reviews from those that know him from his consulting business and from his LSM Insurance connections know, he works very, very hard.

Today, Lorne Marr shares how exercise can improve more than your bottom.  It can also improve your bottom line.  Listen carefully – he’s living proof!

1.  Discipline:

A daily workout routine takes a certain level of discipline.  It’s not easy to avoid the snooze button in favour of a morning workout or PVR your favourite show so you can hit the walking/running trails.  However, the more you flex your discipline muscles, the easier it becomes to focus on getting that workout in.  This spills over to other aspects of your life.  Facebook is calling, but you have to enter those sales numbers and run a report.  What do you choose?  If you have been practicing discipline, you’ll make the right choice; and your boss will notice.

 2.  Clarity:

“Not only does exercise improve your body, it helps your mental function,” says certified trainer David Atkinson in an article on WebMD. “Exercise increases energy levels and increases serotonin in the brain, which leads to improved mental clarity.”

Lorne Marr has deep roots in the world of insurance, and that is a field where mental clarity is paramount.  In order to save clients’ money on insurance while ensuring they get the maximum benefit for their situation, he knows you need to have a mind free of “brain fog”, forward-thinking skills and a solution-oriented mindset. You don’t get that from sitting on the couch with a bag of potato chips night after night.  Your brain is a muscle and when you move your body, you are also moving your mind.

Exercise greatly increases clarity, which has an astounding impact on the job.  Imagine being able to make quick decisions, interpreting the visual cues of your clients (vital in sales positions), being able to switch from your task to an interrupting phone call and back again without wasting time reorienting. You can do all this and more when you have clarity.

3.  Energy:

Tired by mid-morning?  Got that 3 pm slump?  Find yourself watching the clock inch ever so slowly to quitting time?  The cure for fatigue is more than a good night’s sleep.  Boost your energy with exercise.  Not only will you accomplish more on the job, you’ll be more positive and inspiring.  Productive? Pleasant to work with? A go-getter? Sounds like the kind of person that gets that raise!

 4.  Health:

Poor health leads to sick days and sick days lead to lost productivity.  While everyone is entitled (and encouraged) to take time off when ill, the fewer sick days you have, the better.  Sick days are no fun for you and they are a big headache for your employer.  No matter how much he or she sympathizes with your runny nose and high fever, there is still work to be done.  When you exercise, you improve your health and that means fewer days embracing the hot water bottle and clutching tissues and more days showing your boss why you deserve the promotion.

Exercise can boost your income in so many ways. When you look and feel great, you are more likely to accomplish goals, be that ones set out for you at work or ones you set in your private life.  When you are well and productive, you make your employer money and when you make your company profitable, you get rewarded with recognition, raises and promotions. If you don’t work at a place that recognizes hard work, you’ll have the energy, disciple, and confidence to find an employer that does.

Lorne Marr knows today’s busy lifestyles often put exercise on the “to do one of these days” list, but he encourages you to get active now.  Take care of yourself and you’ll be in a better position to be strong on the job; be there for your family; and live long, healthy, profitable life.

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