Lorne Marr Explains the Benefits of Exercise on Your Life and Income

Lorne Marr Explains the Benefits of Exercise on Your Life and Income

Fitness enthusiast Lorne Marr knows that exercise benefits more than your body and brain. It can also have a positive impact on your income.

As Lorne Marr explains, when you exercise, you feel better.  When you feel better, you engage in more healthy habits.  When you engage in healthy habits, you increase your energy and drive. This motivation spills over into your work life, lining you up for the courage to seek a better job, take on rewarding projects, or get recognized for a promotion. Exercise impacts your work life by being one of the tools to help you work well.

When interviewed for FORUM, the magazine for financial advisors, Lorne Marr stated, “Living an active lifestyle actually creates time by giving you the energy and confidence to face life’s challenges. My workouts are treated as an appointment. They go right into my schedule and my business appointments are simply scheduled around these workouts.”

When asked how to implement healthy changes into one’s lifestyle, Lorne Marr said, “Set a goal, write down that goal and develop a plan of action. Each week or month, implement another component of that plan until it becomes part of who you are. Exercise and eating right are habits no different than drinking or smoking. But they are habits that create value in your life and in the people you care about.”

Things to strive for to see the benefits in your mind, body and work are: give up those cigarettes, get some routine physical exercise, watch your alcohol intake and aim for an appropriate amount of calories daily along with five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables.

Taking care of your health is vitally important and not having a nearby gym is no excuse. There are plenty of exercises you can do at home and every type of workout DVD you can imagine to get you dancing, stepping, Zumbaing or flexing your way to better health.

As the push for a healthier Canada continues, surprising research has come to light. It turns out that shorter, intense exercise sessions may trump longer sessions. Study, after study has looked into this concept and although long-term studies are needed to form a more conclusive look at the overall picture, all can agree that any exercise, even short sessions, greatly benefit the body and mind.

Another thing to keep in mind is the definition of exercise. It can be anything from a brisk walk to a heart pounding CrossFit session.  It can be running up the side of a mountain while carrying a log on your back or it can be swimming laps in your local pool.  It can be sweating it out in your living room with a DVD or it can be sweating it out in a group class at the gym.  You don’t have to dread exercise when there are so many options to ensure you enjoy it, and if you honestly think you don’t have time for 30 minutes of movement five days a week, check out how much time you had for Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/waiting in line for that latte/television….

Like Lorne Marr says, you can schedule fitness into your daily life and work towards making it a habit or routine.  To do this, be realistic.  Make small, tangible goals that will provide positive feedback.  If your couch has been your haven for years, do not jump into a sprint or choose Jillian Michaels’ advance session on 30 Day Shred (seriously, even advanced people have trouble with the advanced version of 30 Day Shred, but I digress…).  Instead, make a goal that you can manage.  It could be a five minute walk around the block. Maybe that is all you do for a week.  A five minute walk a day.  The next week you extend it to seven.  The week after, 10 – and so on.

While exercise and weight loss have a very complicated relationship, exercise has a huge impact on how you feel about yourself (increased confidence positively affects every aspect of your life) and even if the numbers on the scale are slow to dip down, you will vastly improve your blood pressure, cardio fitness, muscle tone, skin glow and so much more by getting active.

You have one life.  Don’t let it go to waste for the next episode of Game of Thrones; or, if you must get your binge watching on, maybe do it while walking on a treadmill or using a stepper. As Lorne Marr, a  marketing consultant knows, getting active benefits all areas of your life, from your social life to the office.

Lorne Marr Enjoys Trikking at Hollywood Beach Trikke

Lorne Marr Enjoys Trikking at Hollywood Beach Trikke


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