Lorne Marr about how Facebook can help you sell

Lorne Marr about how Facebook can help you sell

A shop is a place where you sell and buy. Your living room is the place where you talk and laugh with friends. The two places are very different and at face value it looks like a case of “never the twain shall meet”.

The challenge that you face when using Facebook as a tool for driving sales is to make them meet. You have to change people who just want to talk and relax into buyers. The most powerful tool that you can use to do that is a photograph. This is especially true if you make your own product. A picture paints a thousand words they say. The picture is also an eye-catcher and it can serve as a link to your webpage. If you want to sell on Facebook use the power of the picture.

When you walk into a shop your interest is often sparked not by the sales talk but by actually seeing the product. The job of the salesperson is to turn your interest into desire to buy.

The ideal place on the Internet to spark interest is your personal Facebook page. On this page you are going to show a friendly face. You’re going to talk and interact socially. Your personal page is the place to build relationships.

The correct use of a video can be very powerful in this respect. Never use it as a direct advertisement. Remember you are in your living room relaxing with friends. Sales talk does not belong there. Find an interesting or comical video on the net and post the link to it on your Facebook page. In that way you draw attention to yourself and people will get to know you, your humor and your interest. In other words you will become a friend.

The process of building relationships starts with finding friends. Make new friends on Facebook. Send friend requests and accept friend requests. Try and build your circle to be as wide as possible.

The selling will have to be done elsewhere. You can set up a Facebook page for your product. Repeat the process of finding friends. Keep the age and interests of your target market in mind when you do so. Place links and tabs to your business on your personal page.

However it is not the number of websites or pages that counts. It is the quality of the content that you place in front of potential customers. Make sure to write good and interesting articles and never forget the so-called call to action. You want people to buy. Use your content to convince them to do so.

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