Lorne Marr Shares Six Sales Strategies to Boost Sales

Lorne Marr Shares Six Sales Strategies to Boost Sales


Lorne Marr

Are you a natural sales person or are you the type of sales person who needs to have a step-by-step approach to successfully close a sale? You play out every scenario, have answers to hundreds of questions, have created your list of things you need to learn about your potential client, etc. Regardless of whether you are a natural sales person or just a well-informed/prepared sales person, there are many ways to ensure you are boosting your sales as much as you can. Following is a compilation of strategies that Lorne Marr recommends to boost your sales.


In any sales environment, if you are passionate about what you are doing, that passion becomes contagious – you share that excitement and thrill with those around you. There are two ways you can focus this passion. You can indeed be passionate about what you do or sell – that would be the easiest approach. Lorne Marr says you would then be sharing your personal connections to the product, creating value added, expressing how it would benefit their lives, etc. Or, the other way, which works with repeat clients or a defined demographic is to learn enough about your clients interests, influences, experiences and personalize your communication with them by sharing relevant information, forwarding articles about their own interests as a way to keep in touch, etc.

Multiple approaches to contact clients during the work day

In this day of immediate technology, and mobile device office-in-hand approaches to most peoples’ lives, we no longer have to rely on one form of communication such as a land line. We can now build into our business forms a way to obtain additional contact numbers, emails, texting opportunities, etc. Lorne Marr recommends staying in touch with your clients through traditional and social media outlets.  This makes your client feel valued and you stay foremost in their mind for your products.

Make the client understand how the product will benefit their lives

When most clients are at the point of planning to purchase an item, they already are aware of the features and may have done their own homework to compare to other similar products. Many sales people will spend a lot of time with a new client and not even have a clue about the client, their life, their passions and needs, particularly if the sales rep is concerned with only selling the product. Lorne Marr suggests you need to instead sell the lifestyle. What they are really looking for is to be sold on the benefit to their lives. Why do we need a 50 or 60 inch television as opposed to our current 36 inch – how will we benefit from this larger, brighter, HD compatible form of technology? How will it be ‘good’ for us, add value to our lives, for example.

Why buy from you and not your competitor?

Why should the customer buy your product – what makes it better than another’s? Above Lorne Marr suggested that you need to focus on the customer and the benefit as opposed to the features of the product. Once you have convinced the customer that they want that product, you must now tell them why you are the one to sell it to them. Focus on your customer service, continue to build rapport and provide a high level of personalized service. Also feel free to explain the credentials of the sales representatives to increase trust.

Add credibility to boost your sales

This actually goes hand in hand with why they should buy from you. Reinforcing your credibility is a key sales strategy to boost your sales. Creating trust is key to creating repeat customers and boosting your sales. A customer that feels comfortable with you will purchase from you again and will tell others about you. The best way to do this is to ask for testimonials to share on your website, in your advertising and newsletters. Focus on testimonials that show how the product benefited their lives – you want people to buy into the lifestyle benefit.

Exceed customer expectations

Lorne Marr is a firm believer in under promising and over delivering on all products and services to help create confidence around a product and its customer service. This helps ensure customers will not be disappointed. An added bonus of creating happy customers, is they often want to spread the word when they get service above and beyond, which makes you highly referable.

 Here are a couple bonus strategies for boosting your sales for those selling online:

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 Focus on product descriptions

How do you get people to spend enough time on your website to become interested in your product and thereby boost your sells? You need to tell people what you are selling and why they should buy it. Your written words need to compel your potential customers to purchase your products. Highlight something special or unique about the product – stick to the facts, address the product benefits. Also, be personal – don’t write for a general audience but write for your target audience, show your connection to the product and stay positive.

Include detailed clean images

When shopping online, a product is rarely sold without a clean, detailed image. The image helps highlight the product benefits and value. Put the images upfront and foremost at the top of the page and where the call to order is.

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