Make friends and sales with Twitter

Make friends and sales with Twitter

Twitter can be a wonderful tool for the online salesman. The secret of being successful on Twitter is to be popular. You have to be liked and you have to be followed.

Getting people to follow you is not that difficult. All you need to do is put some effort and research into the process.

Learn about hashtags. They are very effective at becoming more visible. Use them often but don’t over-use them in individual tweets.

There are great tools available for creating a Twitter profile. One of them is the simple photograph. If you hide your face nobody is going to follow you. Another is badges. Learn how to create a badge and use it.

Set some time aside every day to read tweets. Follow people, tweet and retweet. Talk and be positive. People want to be recognized and appreciated. Do not be afraid to dish out compliments but never criticize. If people sense you like them they will like you.

This is nothing new. Just think the cult leaders think. They get their followers by making people believe they are better than the rest. They are special – the chosen few.

This is an extreme example but the psychology behind it is very real. You give someone a pat on the back and you have made a friend. On the other hand criticize or ignore someone and they will do the same to you.

To put this in more practical terms as far as Twitter is concerned: always be visible and positive.

That should get some attention. Once people are interested they are going to look at your profile. Create a great one. Introduce yourself so that you can be seen as a friend. Remember to set business aside for a minute sometimes. Read tweets on a variety of subjects and respond to them. Just chat. That is what friends do.

The process does not end with being active on Twitter though. Think outside the box. Tweets are short and sweet. They are very effective at getting messages across if you can come up with short slogans with a lot of impact.

Use Twitter as an advertising tool without blatantly advertising.  A strategy that has proved successful for many online entrepreneurs is offering discounts. When you do that, use Twitter to shout it from the rooftops.

In using this media, learn from the world of newspapers. People flip through a newspaper. They only read an article if the headline catches the eye.

Tweets are short and sweet. Let your tweets be your headlines and your blog or website your newspaper.

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