Six of the Healthiest Vegetables From Lorne Marr

Six of the Healthiest Vegetables From Lorne Marr

Our ancestors knew vegetables were good for their bodies.  In fact, there is evidence to support that veggies were among the first domesticated crops.  Times have changed, but the need to consume a variety of vegetables has not.

Lorne Marr Healthy Vegetables

Lorne Marr

Lorne Marr, expert marketing consultant, knows a lot about how to market your brand and your business.  As a health and fitness enthusiast, he also knows there are countless lists on which foods are better than others but the bottom line is, you simply can’t go wrong by increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables.  Lorne Marr consistently eats vegetables because he enjoys the clarity, energy, and nutritional benefits that keep him going all day long.

While all vegetables have nutritional value and contribute to overall wellbeing, these six are among the top of the crop.

  1. Green leafy vegetables (kale, bok choy, lettuce, etc.):  Feeling stressed?  Don’t reach for that milk chocolate bar.  Reach for the kale chips or the lettuce wraps.  Green leafy vegetables are full of magnesium, which Dr. Mercola says helps to balance stress hormones and keep blood pressure low.
  2. Spinach: The staple food of Popeye, this green machine is packed full of lutein, B-complex vitamins, folate, magnesium, potassium, calcium and fibre; which means it’s an ideal choice to maintain good eye and bone health.  Fibre also helps with regularity and satiety.
  3. Sun-dried tomatoes:  Okay, I know tomatoes are often classified as fruits, but when was the last time you bit into a juicy tomato the way you would an apple?  In preparation and food paring, tomatoes are treated more like vegetables, which is why they appear on this list.  Why sun-dried?  Because this type of preparation nets the blushing tomato a high protein content. According to, 100 grams of sun-dried tomatoes contains 14% protein.  This may have to do with the oil that involved, but either way, when added to soups, salads, pasta and sandwiches, sun-dried tomatoes give you a nutritional boost as well as a punch of protein.
  4. Carrots: It’s no secret that carrots are great for your eyes, but did you know they also contain fibre?  The benefits of fibre are numerous: bowel health, lower cholesterol levels, blood sugar control, weight loss – if all it takes is adding more fibre rich foods to your diet, why wouldn’t you add shredded carrot to omelettes, snack on baby carrots or add them to your crudité platter?
  5. Cooked red peppers:  Dr. Oz has some great tips on how to combat age wrinkles, and one of those tips is to consume vegetables high in vitamin E.  If you are looking to slow down the clock, add red peppers to your grocery list.
  6. Watercress – WebMD cites watercress as one of the most nutritionally dense vegetables, bursting with beneficial vitamins and minerals with every single bite.  Versatile watercress is related to mustard, radish and wasabi, so you know what that means! It’s got a zesty bite. Lightly cooked or raw, it’s great on salads and sandwiches, or chopped and sprinkled on any food that needs a kick of piquant goodness.

It’s not hard to include these and other powerhouse veggies in your diet.  Lorne Marr challenges you to have a serving of vegetables with every meal.  Some ideas included folding fresh watercress and diced red peppers into your morning omelette.  Bonus points if you mix chopped sun-dried tomatoes into the eggs beforehand!  Enhance your jarred pasta sauce with chopped carrots, tomatoes and kale.  Not only will you increase the flavour, you’ll dramatically improve the nutritional content.  A fan of juicing?  Toss in a carrot or a few sticks of celery.  You probably won’t notice the taste difference, but your body will thank you.

You can’t enjoy life if you are sluggish and in ill health.  Lorne Marr knows from experience that vegetables have a positive impact on every aspect of your life – your sleep, your mindfulness, your energy, your looks and more.  He says, “Don’t neglect this important food group as you work towards optimal health”.

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