Lorne is a true inspiration people in the insurance industry and anyone sales.His actions are a blueprint on how to succeed in business.

Paul RogersDirector, Business Development - Freedom 55 Financial

Lorne Marr is one of the best and most successful business men I have ever had the opportunity to meet. He has been a real mentor, colleague, and friend. I have had the wonderful opportunity to tack on 20 years of sales and people knowledge to my belt because of his mentor-ship. He is precise and thorough in many facets of life. His regiment, consistency, and constant action make him successful in all aspects of life. He is also one of the most life balanced guys you will ever meet. Not only a great business man but wonderful father and husband. I am happy to be in his circle and look forward to mutually growing our business together.

Jack BendahanSenior Insurance Advisor - LifeMan.ca

I have known Lorne Marr for over 5 years. He has a tremendous impact on my skills and people skills. Lorne has a dynamic personality and gets the most out the people he works with.

Syed RazaManager - LSMinsurance.ca