Trikking: A Great Way to Exercise

Trikking: A Great Way to Exercise

Lorne Marr has fallen in love with trikking!  As a health enthusiast that understands the mind/body connection and how exercise is beneficial to every aspect of your life, from your career to family time, Lorne Marr is excited to share the good news about how trikking can benefit you.

Lorne Marr Enjoys Trikking at Hollywood Beach Trikke

Lorne Marr Enjoys Trikking at Hollywood Beach Trikke


First of all, just what is trikking? The Trikke is a three-wheeled vehicle.  Models include body operated and electric.  Trikking has many uses.  While Lorne Marr uses one for fun and fitness, he also loves how trikking can be used as part of a rehab program due to its no-impact methodology.  Additional uses include green commuting and use as a tour or rental device.

Kids can start with a Trikke in their size. Kids’ Trikkes include several three-wheel scooter models and a two wheel balance bike called the Bikee.  The Bikee uses airless tires and weighs just seven pounds, making it a cost effective, low maintenance biking option.

Fitness Trikkes come in six models with a new one, the Trikke Colt, being released in April 2015. The Colt is a hybrid style; you can body operate it or use electronic propulsion.

Electric Trikkes net a speed of between 12 and 16 miles per hour, depending on the model and setting(s) you choose, and according to the Los Angeles Times, “The bird’s-eye view of the standing position is quite fun and comfortable, including for overweight folk who find the seated bike position irritating.”

The Trikke has received a lot of press, with shout outs in well-known publications such as Forbes and the Los Angeles Times. In one news story, a work-weary, overweight, 52 year old woman bought a Trikke after seeing it on an infomercial and credits the exercise she got using it, along with the motivation it provided to become even more active, as a big part of her 70 pound weight loss. As she started getting more active and feeling better, she also overhauled he diet and added strength training to her routine.

Trikke enthusiast Lorne Marr shares with you two very good reasons to support the Trikke:

According to an article last year in the Globe and Mail, traffic pollution in Toronto has been linked to a few hundred deaths each year. The article cites a quote from Dr. Monica Campbell, who is the director of the Healthy Public Policy at Toronto Public Health: “The biggest health risk from pollution in Toronto is vehicles,” she says. Another Doctor, Greg Evans, notes, “It’s a small minority of vehicles causing high emissions.” (Poorly tuned and older vehicles).

Clearly, pollution is an issue, not just in Toronto, but in many major cities around the world.  Economical, pollution-free methods of transport, such as the Trikke, go a very long way in combatting this issue.

The Mayo Clinic lists several benefits of regular exercise. These benefits include weight control, disease prevention and management, improvement in mental health, improvement in energy levels, better sleep, renewed spark in your sex life, and being a fun way to pass the time.

Exercise as fun? Absolutely! The old saying “pain is gain” is not applicable to exercise.  Sure, there are those that love to sweat it out in a gym, pushing heavy weights and running on hard on treadmills, but for many people, that is their idea of fun.  Exercise can also be had swimming, playing sports of all kinds, biking, hiking and trikking.  The fact is, when exercise is fun, you stick with it.  You look forward to it – and gym or not, you reap the healthy benefits.

Staying fit and active while contributing to the earth’s sustainability is a noble cause and one you can get involved in by checking out the Trikke.

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